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Simon Sort Of Says

A wonderful Middle Grade book.

Simon Sort of Says" takes you on a journey, from the start with its captivating opening line that makes you wonder why my family chose the National Quiet Zone. It's an attention grabber!

Erin Bow does a job of creating a story that blends hope, humor and empathy effortlessly. This book is more than a story; it serves as a guide for those who are trying to find their way out of times. The narrative revolves around friendship. The absurdity of lifes challenges leaving a lasting impact on your heart and mind.

"Simon Sort of Says" fearlessly tackles the trauma of Simons past with sensitivity and care. It delves into the aftermath of a school shooting depicting Simon and his parents struggles in a manner. Despite the subject matter Bow handles the story, with grace allowing readers to deeply connect with the characters and their journey.

Intriguing, heartfelt and genuinely moving "Simon Sort of Says" is a treasure that continues to resonate after you've turned the final page.


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