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The Blur

Are my kids growing up too fast? This question is popular amongst many parents. I truly believe that our children are mirrors and spiritual partners meant to help us heal as we shape them into wonderful beings. Watching their folded chubby hands in prayer during religious events or sending them off for a school trip can bring so much joy and makes all of life’s struggles and the world’s problems seemingly disappear easily.

This book, “The Blur” by Dan Santat and Minh Lê highlights the bittersweet moment when seeing your children grow at a fast rate – watching them trying to figure out their life and learn hard lessons and the feeling of oscillating between relief and sadness when they don’t need you, has given a new definition of parenthood heartache. This book tells us that raising a child will always give us blurred moments and before you know it, they grow up and are ready to leave for new horizons. Parents, grab a box of tissues as you read through this book, your heartstrings will be tugged witnessing the pages of childhood at the blurring speed of life. What a beautiful and humorous book about parenthood and growing up.

This book is…

A book to give to graduates.

A book to give to parents of the graduate.

A book to give to new parents to remind them that parenthood is a blur… trust the process all will be good.

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