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The Rare, Tiny Flower

The Rare, Tiny Flower”, by Kitty O'Meara, an awe inspiring picture book that transcends its pages. It delves into the themes of acceptance and togetherness.

In this captivating story the spotlight is on the concept of color giving rise to disagreements that fuel anger and pose a threat of escalating into violence. However a young girl unveils a truth; as the flower turns it reveals an array of various shades.

This extraordinary picture book serves as a reminder to pause and genuinely listen to others words and ideas. It beautifully portrays how our perceptions can divide us even leading to conflicts. Yet by embracing the wisdom found in our generation and reconnecting with our inner childlike curiosity we can pave the way towards harmony.

Every child should have the chance to fully experience the beauty of these words and the amazing artwork that comes with them.


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