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The Whale Who Wanted More

This book arrived at a perfect time especially during this festive season. It carries a beautiful message and I took the opportunity to teach my class kids about contentment. And what a wonderful, deep and meaningful discussion I had about the spirit of gratitude and how gratitude will lead to contentment.

Humphrey the whale is on a journey to search for his happiness. He thought that the only way to gain happiness was to have as many possessions as possible. He decides to gather as many items as he could, even though he doesn’t need them and in return, he has caused big distress amongst the ocean creatures. His brief thrill of happiness with the items he has collected has not given Humphrey any sense of fulfilment. Will Humphrey learn that material goods are unlikely to boost his happiness? Can he beat the concept of materialism with gratitude?

This story will cultivate the mindset of gratitude by advocating the act of giving. When we teach children to always share whatever they have with those around them, they will learn to connect, empathize, have self control, make wise choices and respect nature and its limited resources.

Amazing illustration and Rachel Bright has done it again at writing a cute meaningful story.


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