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"Mr Shameer was one of my sons’ homeroom teachers. Within one year he instilled in the children a passion for reading and an inquiring approach for their work! Amazing!"

- Cristian Predan, Area Management Singapore/Vietnam at Gebrüder Weiss

   7 January 2020

"Mr Shameer's passion and expertise is evident in the engaging way he conducts his workshop. He was able to skillfully draw connections between his experiences in an international school to that of a local school. During the design of the workshop, Mr Shameer was proactive and open in the conversations between the school and him regarding the learning objectives and requirements of the workshop.

I will recommend any school that is considering conducting a workshop in writing to engage Mr Shameer."

- Mrs Tonnine Chua, Principal, Frontier Primary School

   2 January 2020

"Mr Shameer was my teacher for the Language and Literacy module in my diploma course. Mr Shameer is by far one of the best, if not the best teacher I've had so far!! I could see his enthusiastic desire to want to enable us to be better educators for the future."

- Phoebe Tan, Teacher Assistant at Lorna Whiston Schools

   11 August 2019

"Mr Shameer is one of the best teachers I have met in my entire lifetime. I can see how he builds bonds and strong connections with his students, establishing trust. I am grateful to Mr Shameer for building strong foundations in our son; everyday increasing the joy of learning."

- Charlotte Goh, Executive Director at Playeum Ltd

   6 March 2019

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