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A Family Like Ours

I'm a fan of Frank Murphys book series and his team of writers well, as the incredible illustrations by Kayla Harren. I really love how 'A Family Like Ours acts like a metaphorical picture book beautifully showcasing the meaning of family; a group of individuals brought together by the unbreakable bonds of genetics, marriage or the heartwarming choice to adopt.

This book arrived at the time since we're currently focusing on our 'Who We Are' unit. When I introduced this book to my class they quickly grasped that families can be as unique as individuals. We explored types of families portrayed in the story from large to small and with varying appearances. The story also beautifully highlighted that families can be formed through both connections and the incredible power of love and acceptance. After diving into this book, our discussion about this topic was truly enlightening and energizing.

The narrative within these pages delves into the significance of family. It demonstrates how when families stick together they provide support, for bravery, strength and a sense of security. The images, in the book motivate children to reflect on their families. We all long for a family that brings us joy and a sense of safety with customs and a supportive environment where we can flourish and pursue our aspirations together. In this manner we can form memories that enhance our lives on a basis!

It's a tool for sparking conversations about the notion of family, between parents and their kids.


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