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A First Time For Everything

Dan Santat proves once again why he's a kidlit icon. The graphic memoir "A First Time for Everything" is a must-read tale of transformation. Santat's relatable characters and laugh-out-loud humor make it perfect for middle schoolers trying to navigate the awkwardness that comes with growing up. I love that he delves into important themes like self-acceptance and awkwardness. Like me, if you have been labelled as a weirdo, outcast or oddball, this book is for you. This coming-of-age story is packed with relatable characters, giving you a glimpse into Santat's most cringeworthy middle school moments and how he found his true self. I love the ending of the story, he gives practical advice for readers dealing with awkwardness or just feeling like they don't quite fit in. Get ready to buckle up and go on an unforgettable journey with Dan Santat. I wish I had this book when I went through my middle school years. It's no wonder that Dan Santat continues to be a rock star in the world of kidlit.


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