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A Planet Like Ours

This book arrived at just the right time for my class. I strongly believe that we should make learning visible and I have used this book to provide a space for my class children to spend time learning, sharing, and understanding more about our precious earth. Frank Murphy has written a perfect book for integrating with the “Sharing the Planet” unit. Immediately after reading this book, children couldn’t stop themselves from sharing their views and ideas.

It was interesting to hear their views on the provocation questions, “What if you could change sea to water?” Or “If all the world were paper, and all the sea were ink; if all the trees were bread and cheese, what would we have to drink?”

During the course of the inquiry, children engaged in various activities to understand the concept well. Thank you, Frank, for writing such a meaningful book so that our young learners can understand that the small steps they take can make a big difference in taking care of the Earth.


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