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A Thousand No's

This book is written for anyone who has faced rejections. Everyone knows that being told ‘No’ has a negative implication. Sometimes the word ‘No’ can be a stumbling block for new ideas to develop.

This beautiful book inspires young readers that sometimes receiving ‘No’ as an answer can be really helpful. In the context of this book, it is interesting to see how the girl copes with receiving negative feedbacks. I feel the hurt the girl has to go through but at the same time I am in awe with her determination to make her ideas work.

All the No's she receives has taught her the skill of how to handle them and make her ideas better. Her determination and perseverance has changed her ideas from NO to a YES.

The underlying message is that when one champions perseverance, imagination and collaboration - negative feedback can be easily diminished and dreams can be achieved.

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Literacy Tips:

Reading - inferring skills

Pictures tell a thousand words...

Discuss evey picture on each page. Infer with with the class what were the girl’s dreams and ideas?


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