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Bears are Best

Prepare yourself for an enlightening reading adventure, with the book "Bears are Best!" This wonderful collaboration between childrens authors and illustrators Joan Holub and Laurie Keller strikes the balance between providing factual information and entertaining content making it an excellent choice for young readers.

In this captivating book my second grade students had the opportunity to delve into the captivating world of bears. From discovering facts about the eight species to uncovering the unique characteristics that distinguish each bear we were enthralled by the abundance of accessible and engaging information presented.

The book covers a range of topics related to bears including their appearance, senses, habitats, locations and behaviors. As we embarked on this journey through its pages my students eagerly flipped through both the back endpapers where they discovered resources and suggestions for further exploration on all things bear related. It truly added a layer of excitement to our reading experience.

What makes "Bears are Best!" stand out is its blend of education and entertainment. With its illustrations and engaging storytelling style this non fiction gem reads like a picture book that captivates readers of all ages. It's an addition to any classroom library collection and an exceptional choice for anyone with a mind and a fondness, for bears.


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