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Brave Molly

I love how this book subtly illustrates that the issue of mental health exists in young children. This wordless book depicts the important message about social anxiety. Reading this book to my class not only helps them to reflect on their own experiences of anxiety but also allows me to discuss with them ways to find that courage within themselves to face their fears.

It all started when Brave Molly’s grey-shaped shadows of anxiety followed her wherever she went. She finally summoned up her courage to face her fears and to scare her shadows of anxieties away. The visuals in the story not only works for young readers, but it can also easily tempt other older readers.

I like how Boynton-Hughes illustrates Molly’s bright red jacket; it’s the brightest colour throughout the book. I think it represents Molly’s courage before she shows her strength. This book portrays an accurate picture of what it's like to live with anxiety. Children and adults do feel the fear to fit in a new environment. If you have children or adults having trouble with social anxiety, this is a good book to start.


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