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Call Me Adnan

I was completely absorbed by Reem Faruqi's captivating book, 'Call me Adnan,' reading it in a single sitting. This beautiful work brings poetry to life, transforming a story into an extraordinary masterpiece of verse. I find myself at a loss for words to adequately express the profound significance of this poetic marvel. The portrayal of relationships between the brothers was incredibly genuine, making their dynamics resonate with authenticity. Throughout the book, I was swept away by its emotional intensity and cherished every moment spent within its pages.

Reem's remarkable talent shines through in her skillful crafting of characters, intricate plotlines, evocative imagery, and eloquent verses. The book immediately seized my attention and proceeded to tug at my heartstrings, leaving them shattered into a myriad of emotions. Through breathtaking descriptions and poignant poetry, Reem Faruqi masterfully tells the story of Adnan, a young boy whose passion for tennis, camaraderie, and family connections, particularly with his endearing toddler sibling Rizwan, drives the narrative. The book holds a profound message that explores themes of grief, affection, and the unbreakable bonds within families.

'Call me Adnan' is a true treasure for those within the realm of Middle Grade literature


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