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Does A Bear Poo In The Woods?

Curious about "Does a Bear Poo in the Woods?" by Jonny Leighton and Mike Byrne? Read on! 🌳

Get ready for a hilarious adventure with this picture book that has captured my attention. I can't wait to share the laughter with my new batch of grade 2 students as we dive into this story together.

Enter Barry, a shy bear on a mission to find a private spot to do his business in the woods. However, there's a catch. The woodland animals just won't give him a moment of peace! Their constant presence makes it incredibly challenging for Barry to find a quiet spot to take care of business.

"Does a Bear Poo in the Woods?" is not just entertaining; it also teaches valuable lessons about acceptance and embracing one's individual quirks. This delightful picture book is a must-read for those seeking smiles, laughter, and a touch of curiosity.


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