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Just wrapped up reading these wonderful books to my Grade 2 class! 🌟 We had some amazing discussions about big emotions, and the kids absolutely loved these stories.

1. "Dark Cloud”, by Anna Lazaowski;

This is a story that explores the topic of depression and serves as a catalyst for starting important conversations. The beautiful illustrations by Penny Annas heartfelt narrative. Additionally there is an Authors Note included at the end.

2. "Everywhere by M.H. Clark;

It seems that "Everywhere Still" delves into the emotions and experiences associated with grief and loss. The book captures the experience of longing for someone who has passed away the lingering sense of emptiness and the enduring love we hold for those we've lost. It appears to be an exploration of mourning and navigating through moments of loss.

3. Exploring the profound concept of loss through 'Because I Already Loved You.' 📕 This remarkable picture book offers a unique perspective on explaining death to children, regardless of age. It provides a quiet, thoughtful look at stillbirth and grief through a child's eyes, with sensitivity and care.


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