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Evelyn Del Rey Is Moving Away

Everyone craves for deeper, honest and meaningful connections. This book aptly describes the beauty of life and friendship.

This is a lovely heartwarming story about two young girls trying to prolong goodbyes by visiting and playing at all their familiar places, running and swinging and being silly. The two girls' attitudes work so well and it clearly shows their deep connection with each other.

While playing, they found stickers and they placed them on each other's cheeks, sealing a promise that they will visit each other and will always be the best of friends. The sad part was the sadness of goodbyes when Evelyn’s belongings were packed up and ready to go. Moved by this read-aloud, the students in my class made a ‘memory box’, dedicated to their best friends to celebrate togetherness.

Fortunately this story ended with a touching note which gives readers hope that real friendship lasts a lifetime. The bond you have with your friends is not gone, it is still there waiting for reconnection or planning for the next meet up.

The powerful illustrations showed snippets of interactions of multi-cultural neighbors with deep understanding about their departure. This book deserves many re-readings.

I love how the author acknowledges the importance of friendship and the pain one has to go through when being separated. The big message for all readers - friends do not always have to be together to remain friends.

I see the truth that this book is trying to convey - you never forget your first best friend. It will always stay in your heart.

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