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Every Little Letter

What a clever way to teach letter knowledge, vocabulary and print awareness with a heavy emphasis on the idea of inclusitivity. I LOVE the metaphor used in the story - embracing and celebrating the different people around you.

It all started when lower case h decided to explore outside his wall of inhabitants. He looked through the wall and met a little i - and they formed the word "hi"! Upper case H found out and he sealed up the wall. Lower case h was adamant to form more friendships with the rest of the lowercase letters. He was puzzled - why do the upper case letters (metaphor for adults) want to stay apart?

Adults and children can learn from "Every Little Letters" values such as tearing down barriers and looking at each other’s differences and celebrating them instead of living in a bubble of isolation and fear.

It is such lovely book with a subtle message of not being xenophobic. BIG Applause to Penguin Young Readers and Dial Books for sharing such invaluable lesson to our young readers.

Copies are available at

Literacy Tip:

As a writer - Point of View

Ask the writer to add speech bubbles on each “letter character” to share their inner conversation expressing different view points as they record their perspectives.


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