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Facing Fear

What a heart wrenching story!!! I have read many books on immigration and many of them talked about the terrible conditions many refugees had to face - BUT this particular book highlighted the difficulties and fear immigrants had to go through - I must say this is the first book I have read about the perspective of a U.S. citizen child whose parents are undocumented immigrants. Karen Lynn Williams’ compassionate words have reminded us to look at these immigrants as valued individuals and that they are worth more than their documentation.

The character Enrique wants to participate in his out-of-town soccer tournament. He was upset that his father did not allow him to go as they were afraid of deportation due to living closer to the border. When reading this book to older elementary kids, it is important for us to have conversation on how these real families are real people whose reasons to immigrate are based on tragedy and loss. A poignant story that needs to be included in any unit on immigration.


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