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Goodnight Racism

This book has a perfect way for our early childhood educators to educate our innocent learners to understand and think about identity and at the same time to learn about the challenges that come with diversity. The text in this book will not only help parents who are wary of talking about racial differences and injustice but will also let young dreamers know that our toil for equity will eventually triumph. As parents and educators, we need to have the knowledge and tools against racism so that we can be well-versed enough to fill in the complicated blanks in child-friendly language. As adults, we have this unique and wonderful opportunity of fostering young children’s positive racial identities. These conversation starters will help to embrace diversity at the same time assure them that the world can be safe, fair, and peaceful for everyone. The collaboration between educators must take place so that we can help kids improve their understanding and interactions - helping them to grow as people with kindness and humility.

The best page of this book is the one full of diverse people at the dinner table. They all look different showing flashy signs featuring "True Acceptance," "Fairness," and "Fresh Squeezed Compassion." A perfect book that imagines a world without prejudices.


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