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Hair Twins

“Hair Twins” written by Raakhee Mirchandani and illustrated by Holly Hatam gives a graceful insight about the Sikh culture. In the story, readers can see the fun ways how the father and daughter share their common identity. Every page will warm your heart and make you wonder the hair styles they are heading to.

I love how her papa lovingly looks after her hair the same way as he does his own - spreading it apart, combing it, smoothing out the tangles with coconut oil and braiding it. The adorable part is when the daughter styles it into a tight bun known as a joora like her dad. I learned the term called patka - when he tied to cover his bun and then the turban that wraps around his head.

The illustrations showing them playing with other families at park highlights that no matter what we look like, we are more alike than different.

What a beautiful daddy/daughter story and this book would be accompanied well with “Hair Love” by Matthew A. Cherry, and illustrated by Vashti Harrison.


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