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Holding On

What a delightful book- "Holding On" by Sophia N. Lee and Isabel Roxas. The pages will make readers whisked away in a heartwarming journey that explores the power of inter-generational relationships, memories, and the remarkable ability of music to heal even the most broken minds.

One of the most magnificent aspects of this beautiful book is its representation of the powerful bond in Filipino families and the celebration of their love for music.

As you read the pages, you will witness the profound love she shares with her grandmother and how she shared passion for music becomes a lifeline in the face of illness, depression, and aging. As the girl accompanies her grandmother on various tasks, readers will be enveloped in a familiar warmth and a sense of security and care.

"Holding On" leaves a lasting impression as a reminder of the power of music and the strength of familial love. Let its melodies resonate within your heart, inspiring you to hold on to the memories that truly matter.


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