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If You Come To Earth

This book is rich with a variety of colours. It is gorgeous and insightful. It makes me think if I were the alien, I would happily accept Quinn's invitation to visit the earth. Quinn explained that the earth is a beautiful place to live in. She shared how the earth is filled with humanity and everything around us is interconnected. We had so fun much poring over the images and studying every little detail described by Quinn. Sophie Blackall's illustration has given the children the opportunity to see the world differently.

My class kids were in awe when Quinn described the ocean is empty but on the next page the ocean actually is made up of many things. They took time admiring the different types of creatures in the ocean. I love how she has made our world whole by her detailed and accurate descriptions. Take time to explore this with your kids at home and in class.

You can buy your copy from or borrow from public libraries in Singapore.


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