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In My Mosque

As I read this stunning book, it certainly reminded me of the lovely memories I had when I first entered a mosque as a child. The words and phrases on every page used in this book gives me the feeling of joy, peace and love. The phrase “My mosque feels safe like home" brings out the true essence of the meaning of Islam - a safe and a tranquil place to be in. Yuksel and Aly warmly have written and illustrated this lyrical text with so much of compassion which welcome any reader to explore the beautiful truth of Islam, as well as as the inside of actual mosques.

This magical book has not only included lots of different mosque designs and names of particularly famous and beautiful ones, it has also included racially diverse characters with a mixture of both male and female personalities providing their perspectives. The best part of it is that it teaches readers that Mosques are not only for prayers but it is also a place where playing with friends can take place, helping with charity projects, and celebrating love with members of the community.

This gorgeous text and magical illustrations would encourage readers to know more about the inside of the mosque. A MUST read!


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