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It Fell From The Sky

What a brilliant story and the Fan Brothers have once again created a marvelous fable. Who would have thought that a piece of marble could stir up such intense discussions among the ecosystem of creatures. It all began when a colourful marble fell from the sky and every creature made wild guesses ranging from a chrysalis to a flower.

No creature could figure out this magnificent “marble” until a cunning spider decided to make a lucrative move by setting up a ‘WonderVille’ town by placing the object on display and charging everyone if they wanted to have a peek. The crafty spider’s idea of being rich was short-lived when the marble was taken away by a creature from the sky. He learned a lesson and decided to spin more webs to capture new “Wonders” – a thimble, pushpin, clock and many more. This was to captivate more creatures to visit — free of charge. He learned the importance of giving back to the community.

I am not a fan of bugs but the illustrations of the insects as characters look so intriguing that it has softened my fear of insects. The illustrations and words to describe the bugs are so endearing (adorable hats and bowties and umbrellas) that it will eliminate phobia for bugs in kids. This picture book will capture a child’s heart especially because of the art connected with deep inspiring message.


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