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Just One Little Light

Sharing my thoughts on the beautiful book "Just One Little Light" by Kat Yeh and Isabelle Arsenault(Illustrator). 📚✨ After stumbling upon it at the Lincoln St bookstore, I couldn't resist reading it right then and there. It's a must-have for everyone, thanks to its sweetness, important message, and Isabelle's whimsical and beautiful illustrations.

At the heart of this picture book are these key points:

1. Your one little light: The book emphasizes that even a small light within us can make a difference.

2. It cannot light the whole sky: We learn thatour individual efforts may seem small, but they are enough to start something meaningful.

3. But it is enough to begin: The book empowers children to realize that they have the power to change things, even with their smallest actions.

Highly recommended for anyone looking to inspire and enlighten young hearts.


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