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Lotte's Magical Paper Puppets

What a captivating lyrical prose! I am totally in love with the paper cut illustrations. After researching about Lotte Reiniger, I was moved by her creation - one of the first feature-length animated films: The Adventures of Prince Achmed. What aroused my admiration for Lotte was the fact that she was a feminist artist who refused to follow through to Nazi oppression rule and she bravely left her home in Germany, moving around for years.

This phenomenal book will make you want to read over and over again especially the fairytale-like quality hidden among the pages. I love how she brought many beloved fairytales to life using silhouette puppetry. My students were whisked off to shadow puppet making sessions. They were ready to bring their stories to life at the next level.

Bravo! This “page-turner” book is so wonderful in so many ways. It will make you wonder how this uncelebrated woman can be such an inspiration to many.


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