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Reading “Luminous” is totally breath-taking. This beautiful book encourages us to scrutinise the amazing ways in which some creatures produce their own light. This incredible literature combines brief scientific explanations of how a natural phenomenon operates with eye-catching illustrations to fascinate readers.

Even though this picture book is designed for young learners, it offers information on light energy generation that can be easily understood and enjoyed by children and adults alike. The story itself is engaging enough to captivate readers of all ages, while also providing a valuable educational experience about the topic at hand.

The remarkable glowing critters blend together nicely, and you can't help but to zoom in on the beauty of their illuminated forms. The dark imagery throughout further emphasizes the stunning visuals these creatures create, making for a truly captivating experience!

The author does a great job of defining words that readers might be unfamiliar with, from 'predator' and 'prey' to the term 'bioluminescence'. This helps ensure that everyone is able to understand the story, regardless of their level of knowledge on the subject.


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