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More Than Fluff

I am sure we all have witnessed uncles and aunties pinching cheeks of young children for their cuteness or told to sit on laps and asked to hug them - this is seen as a sign of respect and love. On the contrary, such actions are actually showing them the lack of respect for personal space, privacy and boundaries.

‘More than fluff’ is a light hearted book that teaches children and adults about boundaries and personal space. Children sometimes struggle with social cues because they are not aware of how to engage personal space appropriately. ‘More than fluff’ is a tale of a young chick, Daisy who wants to be seen more than just a fluff - all the animals around want to touch, hug and cuddle her. Daisy decided to show that she really needed some personal space and decided to take action - she disguised herself with mud, running, and hiding.

The animals learn to back off and after listening to her mum, she gave them strategies that are appropriate to show signs of affection - a high-five, a low-five, a tail bump or a handshake. This book became a catalyst for discussions about boundaries and consent. My students used the visible thinking routine method to share their perspectives on personal space and boundaries.

This thinking routine has gained a greater awareness of how others are feeling and thinking. We have to teach and keep on practicing these alternatives because through repetition kids learn the rules of personal place. This is indeed a necessary wonderful addition to children's literature in my own private collection.


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