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My Name Is Cool!

Introducing "My name is Cool”, by Antonio Sacre—a book released in 2022 that really stands out in the world of school picture books. It not sparks your childs excitement for embarking on their kindergarten journey. Also serves as a valuable resource for teachers. Through its pages educators can effectively demonstrate respect. Cultivate pride in each students name.

Within the story of this heartwarming tale we follow Antonio as he becomes a canvas for nicknames each tied to moments in his life. By the time he starts school he has gathered a collection of 10 monikers. This narrative acts as an enchanting gateway to familiarize children with phrases. The books vibrant and lively illustrations further enhance the joy of reading.

At its core this story celebrates the uniqueness of our names given to us by individuals. Amidst its charm the narrative also sheds light on the contrast, with an teacher.


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