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Naming Ceremony

Enter the heartwarming realm of ‘Naming Ceremony’ written by Seina Wedlick and Jenin Mohammed, where the beauty of traditions comes alive!

Within this captivating story we follow Amiras anticipation as she eagerly awaits her baby sisters naming ceremony. Its truly touching to witness how this narrative illuminates the ways in which different cultures honour these events much like the cherished custom, in my own Muslim heritage typically observed on the seventh day after birth.

As loved ones gather for this occasion Amira grapples with a concern – is the name she has chosen truly one of a kind? The tale is a fusion of insight, tenderness and enjoyment reflecting the happiness that accompanies families uniting to celebrate life.

‘Naming Ceremony’ transcends being simply a book; it is a gift that encompasses the essence of love and tradition. It serves as an addition, to any baby shower resonating with the warmth shared among family members and close friends who make each celebration truly extraordinary.

Discover this heartwarming story of family, heritage and love.


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