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Niko Draws a Feeling

Niko Draws a Feeling is a beautifully illustrated children's book by Bob Raczka and Simone Shin that will inspire young readers to embrace their own creativity and celebrate the unique talents of others. The story follows Niko, a budding young artist who loves to spend his time drawing pictures that represent his thoughts and emotions. While his classmates struggle to understand his unconventional approach to art, Niko perseveres, driven by his own sense of imagination and wonder.

As he draws pictures of his world, Niko finds it difficult to express himself when those around him don't understand his work. This is a universal experience for many creative individuals, who grapple with feelings of isolation and frustration in a world that prefers conformity.

Thankfully for Niko, a chance encounter with a new neighbor girl transforms everything, as he finds a fellow artist who can appreciate his unique perspective. Together, they inspire one another, and their growing bond highlights the importance of embracing our differences and recognizing the beauty in out-of-the-box thinking.

Overall, Niko Draws a Feeling is a touching and heartfelt book that celebrates artistic expression, the power of imagination, and the bonds that can be forged between kindred spirits. It is perfect for teaching children about individuality and creativity, and it will leave readers of all ages feeling inspired and uplifted.


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