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Nothing's Wrong

Jory John’s latest book is out and it's an absolute gem! Not only is it an entertaining read, but it is also a thrilling story for kids that teaches them how to handle grumpy situations like a pro. The story is packed with insight and humor, and it covers everything from dealing with a grumpy friend to feeling grumpy yourself.

The book emphasizes the importance of communication and trust in relationships, and let's face it, who doesn't need a little reminder of that every now and then?

The story centers around Anders, who faces a dilemma when he accidentally ruins a pie he made for his friend Jeff. Instead of being honest about it, he tries to hide his disappointment and pretends everything is fine. Of course, Jeff notices something is up and tries to get Anders to open up. The story does a great job of exploring the complexities of human emotions and the effects of miscommunication.

Jory John has once again created a story that is not only relatable but also teaches valuable lessons about friendship, honesty, and expressing emotions. This book is a must-read for children - and honestly, for adults too. Trust me, you won't regret picking it up!


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