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I had the joy of discovering this gem of a book "Remember" by Joy Harjo, illustrated by Michaela Goade. 📚❤️ at a poet's bookstore, and it left me truly enchanted. Joy Harjo has crafted a bedtime book that lays the foundation for thought-provoking questions that will endure for generations. 🌟✨

"Remember" is an absolute marvel. The writing is incredibly lyrical, taking readers on a breathtaking journey. And the artwork is nothing short of stunning. It's a book that resonates on a deep level, inviting you to stop and linger on each page, absorbing every ounce of its beauty. These moments are rare but undeniably powerful.

As I read this book, it serves as a gentle reminder for young readers of their important place in the interconnected web of life. It emphasizes that this story is about all of us and our individual roles in the grand tapestry of existence.

Michaela Goade shares her hope that the book helps readers remember their roots, their unique stories, and the significance of sharing them with the world. She beautifully reminds us that poetry feeds our hearts and minds, providing us with the strength and inspiration to walk forward in our own stories with a renewed spirit


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