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Swimming Towards A Dream

I love Reem Faruqi's books, as they offer a window into worlds of inspiration and understanding. ‘Swimming Toward a Dream’ opened our classrooms doors to a world filled with inspiration and understanding.

This captivating and authentic story not touched our hearts. Also provided invaluable lessons, for our young minds.

My class kids were in awe with Yusra Mardinis extraordinary journey, from a war torn zone to the stage of the Olympics deeply captivated us on various levels. It is a piece that can teach us about third person and personal narratives problem solving and figurative language.

One of the parts of the story focuses on Yusra’s dangerous boat journey across the Aegean Sea. It truly shows the resilience of spirit and how strength can arise in times of adversity. Yusra’s mantra, ‘One breath at a time’ resonated deeply within us as a reminder that even the daunting challenges can be overcome with determination and perseverance.

In todays world with challenges faced by refugees and immigrants Yusra Mardini’s journey serves as a reminder of the perils caused by war peoples desperate need to escape its horrors and their enduring love, for their homeland. Her story resonates with many who face struggles and her mantra ‘One breath at a time’ stands as a reminder of our inner strength.

‘Swimming Towards a Dream’ is more, than a book; it holds teachings on resilience, bravery and the chase, for our aspirations. Both kids and adults should give it a read as it showcases the unyielding spirit of humanity and serves as a source of inspiration. Lets dive into this journey ! 📚🏆🌍


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