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The Boy Who Grew A Forest

Need I even say that this book was the favourite picture book of the week for my Grade 2 students?! The striking illustrations are instantly recognisable by my students who made a connection with Kayla Harren, the illustrator of ‘A Girl Like You’ and ‘The Boy Like You’. It is engaging with beautiful imagery of the islands and the forest. The signature style is simply delightful and what a story!!!! ‘The Boy Who Grew a Forest: The True Story of Jadav Payeng’, a children's picture book written by Sophia Gholz, is a true story of a young boy who built a forest from the ground up in north-eastern India.

The kids were in awe of Jadav’s passion for nature. What I like about this book is how Jadav subtly connects humanity and nature with his actions. A true blue environmentalist!

A great narrative non-fiction book. It has great glossary and tips on planting forest.

Copies are available at and public libraries in Singapore (Call Number: GHO).


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