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The Gift Of Nothing

How many times do people tell us, “Don’t give me anything!”? This book is perfect. It's a heart-warming and sweet story. The title alone speaks volumes. It is enough of a title to grab my attention. Planning a gift is a difficult process - it has to be meaningful but the most important of all, is to get a gift that's priceless to the receiver.

The Gift of Nothing by Patrick McDonnell is an inspiring story about Mooch planning to give his best friend, Earl, a gift but he has a difficult decision to make because Earl has everything. How do you give someone who has everything? So Mooch decided to wrap "nothing". When Earl opened the gift, there was nothing, and Mooch said, "There is nothing but you and me!" What an "awiiiing" moment and what great ending!!!! It teaches young children that it doesn't matter what present you get, what matters most is the friendship and the heart of giving.

This book will help not only children but also adults to rethink about the value of "priceless moments" and celebrate the “nothing moments”.

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