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The Old Man And The Penguin

What a heartwarming tale written in rhythmic cadence that rolls off the tongue when being read aloud. It's a true story about a penguin being trapped and soaked in oil spill lying against the rock feeling helpless. A kind retired bricklayer man, Joao in Brazil came to its rescue.

He named the penguin Dindim. Both he and his wife showered Dindim with love as if it was their child.

However, he realized that Dindim was a wild animal and needed to be put back in the ocean. Joao deposited him back to the oceanic environment.

Here comes the tear jerking moment... The penguin wanted to show his devotion to Joao by returning from the sea four months each year. Lovely subtle environmental message and this book can be used as a good starting point for more in-depth discussions about oil spills and wild life. Look at the author's note at the back for more information about saving wild life.

Available at public libraries in Singapore (Call Number: ABE).


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