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The Purple Puffy Coat

This beautiful book has a moral message for all young readers and provides a good avenue for discussion during the read-aloud session. The conversation I had with my 2nd graders was delightful. I was able to affirm that sometimes our friends might not like exactly the same things that we like and that's totally acceptable.

It all started when Beetle was excited to give his friend, Stick Bug his birthday gift. He gave him an over-sized purple coat and insisted for him to wear it everywhere. Stick Bug was too polite to reject Beetle's offer as he didn't want to hurt his feelings. Beetle was so overjoyed with his gift that he totally did not take notice of Stick Bug’s disapproval of the gift.

The heart-touching part of the story was when Beetle found out that Stick Bug is a true friend for not grumbling about the horrendous gift. The ending was indeed adorable when Stick Bug modified the coat into a vest for Beetle and a bowtie for him. What a creative solution!

If you want a story about the art of gracious gift giving, look no further. Maribeth Boelts and Daniel Duncan did such a good work in making the story lively and humorous.

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