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The Real Deal

I had a lovely time reading this book on the plane last week and get ready, folks! The Real Deal by Lindsey Stoddard is unlike any other middle-grade novel you've read before! I love how it dives deep into the complexities of friendships, bullying, and the stages of personal growth. I enjoyed reading how the characters evolved throughout the narrative.

This story follows Gabe and Oliver's friendship, which begins to unravel when Oliver starts to act distant and cryptic. It doesn't help that a new student, Reuben, endures endless bullying from their classmates, leaving Gabe to worry about both his friend and Reuben. Stoddard's writing style is forthright and emotional. It highlights the importance of empathy and how we can combat bullying. It was delivered in a way that is not just empowering but also easy for young readers to get on board with.

The Real Deal is a page-turner that middle-grade readers won't forget in a hurry, leaving them inspired and motivated to make positive changes in their world. So, if you're looking for a heartwarming story about self-discovery and what it means to have real friends, then The Real Deal is an absolute must-read.


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