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This Is Not My Home

"This Is Not My Home" by Eugene Yoh and Vivienne Chang is a picture book that delves into the idea of migration from the perspective of a young girl named Lily. The story revolves around Lily and her family as they relocate to Taiwan her mothers country. Initially hesitant, about the move Lily finds herself grappling with the language, customs and culture of Taiwan. The book beautifully captures Lilys emotions and her journey to adapt to her surroundings.

What struck me about this book was its exploration of individuals returning to their homeland. This unique viewpoint adds depth and richness to the story while also providing readers with an opportunity to learn about cultures and celebrate differences.

The illustrations in "This Is Not My Home" may appear simple at glance. They possess remarkable expressiveness that enhances the storytelling. The final page stands out in particular with its colors and energetic depiction symbolizing Lilys shift in perspective, towards her home.

"This Is Not My Home" is a heartwarming and thought provoking picture book that delves into the challenges and rewards of migration. Through Lilys journey young readers are encouraged to embrace change and discover beauty in surroundings. What a great book to have for all classroom and school library.


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