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Town is by the Sea

What a powerful storyline; so powerful that I find my own words so inadequate to write this review. The way that the author and the illustrator write this story stirs up so many feelings of empathy for the young boy.

Town is By the Sea is a diary of a coal miner’s son living in a mining town of Nova Scotia in the 1950s. He started telling the story of his day – playing with his friends by the sea with a big contrast of his father’s day under the sea mining. This poetic picture is a quiet story but it will make any reader reflect over the young boy’s day-to-day life in the town. This story also represents the legacy of a mining town boy destined to become a miner just like his father and grandfather.

I would recommend this book for older readers, maybe the upper elementary or middle schoolers. They will be able to make inferences about the heavy message behind the story. Sydney Smith’s stunning art is ravishing especially when he draws sunlight on water, which reminded me of another book ‘I talk like a river’. Wonderful, simply wonderful book!!!


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