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We Will Rock Our Classmates

Yay! Penelope, the T-Rex is back in this second book.  It is a great sequel to "We Don't Eat Our Classmates"!  Everyone knows that being true to yourself is sometimes tough. You are always in fear of being judged by others. This book teaches children about celebrating their unique qualities and not being afraid of showing who they are. I like how diverse the children are in the classroom - from shades of skin to clothing from different cultures. My children could not stop laughing at how Penelope reacts to the deer at recess; Penelope runs after a deer with her sketchbook: "I won't eat you! I don't even have any mustard!" Have fun reading this book with your class!

Get your copy from or borrow from public libraries in Singapore (Call Number: HIG).

Click below for a sneak peak!


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