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What Do They Do With All That Poo?

Teachers of young children will have to admit that the ideas of talking about poo fascinates them. Who knew poo books could teach so much? When I read to my class, I could hear the onomatopoeia interjection phrases echo across my classroom - "ewwwwww" "oooooooh" "ugh" "eeek"...

I am sure any kid that sees this title question will be both grossed out and intrigued. I love how this non-fiction picture book explains the simple facts accurately. The book starts by talking about the waste produced by a variety of zoo animals such as pandas, giraffes, hippos, and sloths.

Every page has a quick rhyme in boldface explaining each animal’s toilet habits. The two sizes of fonts with different colours make it great for the younger reader. I really like the basic statement about a particular animal and its poo, followed by additional information at the bottom of the page. It is informative, interesting and engaging for readers of different age groups.

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