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What We'll Build

What. on. earth. did I just read? Oliver Jeffers has done it again!!! This book is totally magical and it touches the beauty of being a parent. Every parent has this question in mind, “What are the hopes and dreams of my children?” It is a simple question and yet it’s so hard to explain. Oliver Jeffers has beautifully explained in this book that all parents want to do is to protect them and share the ever-lasting love.

I love to see the father-daughter relationship portrayed in this book. The time they took to build their home shows clearly the importance of building love, hope, resilience and warmth. On every page you will see the dynamic duo father and daughter starting to build a home of their own, beginning with building a door which I think is a symbolic representation that we as parents and educators build many doors that we can open for our children. I was awed by another symbolic representaion Jeffers creates - a toolbox that appears throughout the book to remind us that we, parents have tools that we will carry throughout our journey as a parent.

What a heartfelt picture book and somehow Jeffers always manages to bring out emotions worth acknowledging. This book can be appreciated across all age groups and it is worth discussing with children their hopes, dreams and aspirations.

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