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When No One Is Watching

Everyone will feel unsure at times and as they grow older. Their emotional and social needs will move into many directions and sometimes it can be scary, particularly for children who are introverts. This lyrical book describes that an introvert child is not always defined as quiet or shy.

Eileen has written a heartwarming rhythmic verse about a shy girl acting differently when she is alone and how she acts when she is with her just-as-shy best friend. When reading this picture book, it reminded me of Susan Cain’s book, Quiet. She mentioned in her book that “a third to a half of the human population is introverted. Being introverted is not something to outgrow; it is something to accept and grow into—and even to cherish.” This sweet story is perfect for any adults/teachers to read to their introvert child/children about feelings and empowerment.

I really liked this book because it speaks for people that are natural loners, extremely shy, or socially anxious.


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