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Why Are We Afraid?

"Exploring Emotions; What Makes Us Scared?" and "Unveiling Tears; The Meaning Behind Our Crying”. A Thought Provoking Journey, into Feelings 📚

I recently had the joy of sharing two captivating books "Exploring Emotions; What Makes Us Scared?". Unveiling Tears; The Meaning Behind Our Crying " with my Grade 2 students. Among them "What Are We Afraid Of?" truly captured my attention. Fran Pintadera and Ana Sender have beautifully crafted an exploration of our fears, their origins and how to navigate them.

🌟 "What Are We Afraid Of?" delves into the nature of fear a topic when discussing it with children. Through its compelling storytelling it unravels common fears people experience and sheds light on their underlying reasons. The book emphasizes the importance of opening up about our fears to our loved ones as a way to conquer them. It begins with a power outage incident that reminds us that fears are real but can be overcome.

📖 Pintaderas work offers readers a wealth of wisdom providing answers for every mind. It takes them on an adventure, to that of the little protagonist who confronts uncertainty head on.

These books serve as a reminder that emotions are an integral part of our human existence and delving into their depths is a worthwhile voyage, for readers of any age.


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