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You're So Amazing!

I recently read to my class kids "You're so amazing" by James and Lucy Catchpole, and it's a great picture book that explores how we respond to disability. The main character, Joe, interacts with people of all ages who often label him as "amazing" or "inspiring" for doing ordinary things like going down a slide or getting an ice cream.

This highlights the frustration that people with disabilities can feel when they're treated differently for doing everyday activities.

This book teaches us that people with disabilities don't want pity, but rather understanding. By understanding their challenges and strengths, we can create an environment that helps them reach their full potential. Showing sympathy can sometimes make them feel sorry for themselves, which isn't helpful. It is indeed a thought-provoking book that sheds light on the misconceptions and ignorance that people may have about individuals with disabilities, even at a young age.

Overall, the book is a great reminder to treat people with disabilities with empathy and acceptance so they can thrive just like anyone else.


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