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You Stole My Name

Denis McGregors book "You Took My Name " arrived at the time for me as a second grade teacher. I've been immersing my students in the world of nonfiction reading and writing. This delightful book has become an addition to our classroom library.

What sets this book apart is its uniqueness. McGregor takes us on a journey through the animal kingdom unraveling the mysteries behind their names. For example why is a bull trout called 'bull'? McGregor answers this question and more with concise and clever poems that engage and captivate minds.

One of the aspects of "You Took My Name" is its inherent humour and cleverness. The playful exploration of these name connections not educates but entertains. My second grade students, with their budding sense of humour have been thoroughly amused by McGregors wordplay and creative approach.

This book appeals to readers of all ages; it transcends age boundaries. I think this book, is a fit, for children aged 3 10. However I believe older kids will be captivated by the artwork and interesting facts hidden in its pages. McGregors illustrations are not just visually appealing. Skillfully capture the essence of each animals name, sparking curiosity.

As an educator myself I highly recommend it to fellow teachers and parents seeking a way to introduce children to the wonders of nature. It not ignites imaginations but also fosters a lifelong love, for learning.


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