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Our Favourite Day Of The Year

A great book to discuss at the beginning of the school year. I would recommend this to any teachers or adults wanting to introduce diversity to children. A heart warming  story about friendship, diversity and curiosity. I love how the Hindu teacher sits and listens to the children who are experts of their own celebration. What impresses me the most was that the teacher creates a calendar with all the special days they celebrated throughout the year so that students can celebrate with their friends in future throughout the year. The children in my class enjoyed learning the different celebrations through the year (featuring Eid al-Fitr, Rosh Hoshanah, Christmas, and Pi Day). It is a beautiful book to see how children in this book embrace their stories and identities by sharing it with their friends.

Grab your copy from or borrow from public libraries in Singapore (Call Number: ALI).

Click below for a sneak peak.


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