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Are You Mad At Me?

Immerse yourself, in the captivating world of “Are You Mad at Me?” written by Tyler Feder and Code Feder. This crafted book delves into the experience of anxiety the pressure to please others and the journey of self discovery. 📚💭

Through its storytelling this enchanting book explores how we navigate the anxiety that often accompanies our desire to make everyone happy. As you dive into this captivating tale you’ll also enjoy a seek and find element at the end adding a layer to your reading experience.

Perfect for readers who are navigating those moments in life “Are You Mad at Me?” offers guidance and support in overcoming fears and uncertainties. What makes it truly magical is that its message resonates not with children but also strikes a chord with adults. 🌈💕

Embark, on this thrilling adventure. Rediscover the joy of embracing your self! 💪✨


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