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Book 1; Danbi Takes the Lead in the School Parade

Come along with Danbi, a girl, from Korea as she experiences her thrilling day at an American school! Despite feeling nervous yet determined she uncovers the enchantment of friendship through an mouth watering lunch that sets off a rhythm with her classmates. 🥢🎶 This heartwarming story beautifully captures the essence of starting in a place and showcases the various ways friendships can blossom. 🌸💖

Book 2; Danbi's Beloved Day

Have you ever wondered which day holds a place in Danbis heart? Move aside Halloween and birthdays – there’s something extraordinary. Enter Childrens Day, a celebration that highlights the potential of children around the globe! 🌍👧 On this day it’s not about material things; it’s an exuberant acknowledgment of all the children who will one day lead our world towards unity and greatness. 🎈🌟


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